Vevmo Revenge: The Citadel
Vevmo Revenge The Citadel Logo
Format Reality
Created by cystic/Bacchus
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 14
Running time 60 minutes including commercials
Original channel Vevmo
Original run September,10 – October,14
Preceded by Vevmo Revenge: The Tomb
Followed by Vevmo Revenge: The Chamber

Vevmo Revenge: The Citadel is the fourth season of the Vevmo reality game show. The Citadel took place in Nova Scotia, Canada, with cast members (also called "vevmoans") competing. This season was played in an individual format. The season premiered on September 10, 2009.


Host: cystic

Male PlayersOriginal SeasonFinish
dplayer18 VR: The Coliseum Winner
CrazyRealityGuy VR: The Coliseum Runner-Up
Morris1721 VR: The Citadel 3rd Place
faceless VR: The Coliseum Episode 12
GoldenWarrior VR: FM 1.5 Episode 11
Dartagnan VR: FM 1.5 Episode 10
SteveSparxx VR: The Tomb Episode 9
Spinner554 VR: The Citadel Episode 8
renaldob VR: The Citadel Episode 7
blanky667 VR: The Coliseum Episode 6
rw/rrjunkie VR: FM 1.5 Episode 5
rey2pokey VR: The Citadel Episode 4
gamer73 VR: The Tomb Episode 3
salt&vinegar VR: The Tomb Episode 2
Luigi VR: The Citadel Episode 1
Female PlayersOriginal SeasonFinish
molds13 VR: FM 1.5 Winner
tjhallow VR: FM 1.5 Runner-Up
Stacee_Danielle VR: The Citadel 3rd Place
Ctluvr195 VR: The Citadel Episode 12
Insider VR: FM 1.5 Episode 11
LCBaby VR: The Coliseum Episode 10
tatertots VR: The Tomb Episode 9
cjslife VR: The Coliseum Episode 8
Binary Solo VR: The Tomb Episode 7
Lamb Chop!!! VR: The Tomb Episode 6
Ms. Dynasty VR: FM 1.5 Episode 5
Dandelion VR: The Citadel Episode 4
nurseallie VR: The Citadel Episode 3
Balletshoes VR: The Citadel Episode 2
Alexa VR: The Citadel Episode 1


There will be 12 total Missions, sandwiched by a grand total of 24 elimination rounds, aptly named Citadels. The winners of each mission will be exempt from the Citadel for that day only, then they will nominate one male and one female to the Citadel. These two people will each choose their opponent (of the same sex). They will also choose which of 5 Citadel elimination games that will be played. The Final Mission will consist of the remaining 3 guys and 3 girls; they will solve a series of puzzles and tasks (often vevmo-related), and the 2 victors (one guy and one girl) will go home with a big fat blank check.

Game SummaryEdit

# Mission Winners Nominees Citadel Winner Eliminated
1 Smash and Swim dplayer18 salt&vinegar Envy salt&vinegar Luigi
molds13 Alexa Roulette tjhallow Alexa
2 Boulderdash Morris1721 blanky667 Envy blanky667 salt&vinegar
tjhallow Balletshoes Marionette tatertots Balletshoes
3 Stranded faceless gamer73 Roulette renaldob gamer73
LCBaby Ms. Dynasty Stacked Ms. Dynasty nurseallie
4 Paint Wars faceless rey2pokey Stacked SteveSparxx rey2pokey
LCBaby Insider Envy Insider Dandelion
5 Shark Attack! dplayer18 Morris1721 Stacked Morris1721 rw/rrjunkie
Lamb Chop!!! CTluvr195 Stacked CTluvr195 Ms. Dynasty
6 Unlock It Up dplayer18 Spinner554 Envy Spinner554 blanky667
molds13 CTluvr195 Unwound CTluvr195 Lamb Chop!!!
7 Smash and Swim GoldenWarrior SteveSparxx Envy SteveSparxx renaldob
Insider tatertots Marionette tatertots Binary Solo
8 Mazed and Confused Morris1721 faceless Envy faceless Spinner554
tatertots molds13 Envy molds13 cjslife
9 Bottoms Up! dplayer18 SteveSparxx Marionette Morris1721 SteveSparxx
Stacee_Danielle tatertots Roulette CTluvr195 tatertots
10 You're The Bomb GoldenWarrior Dartagnanp Unwound Morris1721 Dartagnan
Insider CTluvr195 Marionette CTluvr195 LCBaby
11 Are You Afraid Of The Dark? faceless GoldenWarrior Marionette Morris1721 GoldenWarrior
tjhallow Insider Stacked CTluvr195 Insider
12 N/A N/A Morris1721 Roulette Morris1721 faceless
N/A CTluvr195 Envy molds13 CTluvr195
11 Vampires, Sharks and Cats? Oh My! dplayer18 2nd Place: CrazyRealityGuy; 3rd Place Morris1721
molds13 2nd Place: tjhallow; 3rd Place Stacee_Danielle


Mission Games:

  • Smash and Swim: This mission will be done in opposite-sex pairs. The male will be the swimmer while the female is the locksmith. There will be 5 total heats, each consisting of 3 pairs competing against each other. 50 yards into the lake is a 2-level platform, with a rope net connecting the two levels. The first-level platform: several plaster "pinatas" are hanging on the ceiling. The second-level platform: 3 steel rods are resting in the middle. The male will dive into the lake and swim to the platform. He will climb up the rope net and onto the second floor, grab a steel rod, and jump back into the water. He will then climb onto the first floor and break open a plaster pinata, revealing a ring of keys. He will take the keys back to his female partner. She has to use the ring of keys to unlock the locked chest. Once unlocked, she will take the flag from inside and wave it in the air, signaling their victory. The girls are allowed to steal keys from one another. The fastest team from each of the 5 heats will move onto the 6th and final heat, and face off. The winning couple will win an all-expenses-paid cruise/trip to an island resort of their choice.
  • Boulderdash: There will be a guy's heat, and a girl's heat. During one heat, one gender will try and run uphill and cross the finish line, while the other gender will roll giant medicine balls down the hill, making it difficult to ascend the hill. The first guy and girl to reach the top of the hill and cross the finish line wins, and each receive a Philips 42" plasma TV and a free year's subscription to NetFlix.
  • Stranded: Before everyone is escorted to the mission site, they are asked to wear blindfolds first. Each person is given a unique map, all of which have a message on the back: Guys and girls will pair up. Before they can proceed, pairs must tie this rope to their belts. They each have received a backpack with the following contents: matches, 1 blanket, binoculars, a compass, a flashlight and a flare gun to signal if they give up. The flare has to be shot into the air for it to be considered a forfeit. You have to use your tools to find the way back to the house. If a group runs into another team, they can do whatever they want to get the other team from following. First team back wins.
  • Paint Wars: All the players are split up into two teams. Vets and Rooks. To be considered a Vet, you have to have appeared on at least 2 VR's. The mission will be a paintball gun fight in an arena with blocks and things to hide behind. 1 hit and the player is out. The players are only allowed to wear speedos (guys), bikinis (girls), facemasks, and shoes.
  • Shark Attack!: Everyone will tread the water for as long as possible. There are several ropes dangling above the pool. If the players feel the need to forfeit, they have to grab onto the rope with both hands, or climb out of the pool. The last remaining guy and girl in the pool will win today's mission, and each receive a $1,000 gift card to Edward's Movie Theatre.
  • Unlock It up: Each player will have to climb a ladder up the 82-foot tower to the top. They will then see a small box with a lock combination. Memorize the combination, then put on a harness and have a bungee cord attached to their feet. They will then have to walk a 25-foot plank and jump from the end of the plank into the Atlantic Ocean. Once they get into the ocean there is a treasure chest with a lock floating in the water. They will have to use the combination code to open the chest. When the chest is opened there is a key inside, which they will use to unlock the bungee-cord-lock that is holding their feet. Once the lock is open they will grab a flag from inside their treasure chest and swim to the shore. A player will be DQd for taking too long at the combination station. The fastest male and female wins, as well as receive a Kawasaki Jet Ski Boat.
  • Think Fast!: Each player starts at a platform raised 50 feet above the ground. When the air horn blows each competitor must quickly strap themselves into a harness and take a zipline down to the first checkpoint. They must then make their way through a series of obstacles, while collecting a total of 3 keys. They will need all three keys to unlock a chest at the final checkpoint, containing the pieces of a trigram puzzle. Once they solve it, their time is stopped and recorded. The male and female with the fastest times win, and each receive an iPod Touch and a $300 iTunes gift card.
  • Mazed and Confused: There is a giant maze. The goal is to go in, retrieve at least 4 flags, and find the exit. If at any time a player gets lost and wish to forfeit, they have to throw one flag in the air to signal the DQ. The male and female winners [with the fastest time] win, and each receive a curling set and free lessons.
  • Bottoms Up!: Players will hang upside down from an 8-foot vertical pole; with their belly facing the pole, their feet chained to the top of the pole, and their hands handcuffed around the base of the pole. On the floor (a few inches away from the base of the pole) are 3 large buckets with the following contents: worms, raw cow meat, and spoiled dairy products. Using just their mouth, players will shuffle around the contents of the buckets until they come across 3 keys. 1 key will be used to unlock their handcuffs. The second key will unlock the padlock from the chain that binds their feet to the top of the pole. The third and final key will be used to unlock a chest 30 feet away from the pole. Once they open the chest, they will grab the flag from inside and wave it in the air to signify their victory. The guy and girl to accomplish this first will win and each receive a Chili's $10,000 check.
  • You're the Bomb: Each guy will be imprisoned in one of the cages, while his female partner attempts to defuse the bomb that is attached to the lock. If she successfully disarms it by cutting the correct wires in the correct order, the magnetic lock will release, freeing the partner from his cage. The first pair to get their male completely out of the cage wins, and will each receive this one of a kind life-sized Barbie Doll....that shoots laser beams from its eyes.
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Each player will be split up and be assigned a different part of the house. They will only be armed with a flash light. The male and female to be able to stay the longest in the house wins. Everyone else just leaves when they are too scared to handle it. This mission challenges the players' bravery and mental strength, as well as endurance. The winning male and female will receive a Ballerina's tutu and a lump of coal.

Citadel Games:

  • Marionette: Each player will be suspended 15 feet above water by a series of 4 small rings, strung to the ceiling. Each ring will support one limb. Players are to use only their hands and feet to hang onto each ring as long as possible. First person to drop into the water loses.
    • Played By: Balletshoes vs. tatertots, tatertots vs. Binary Solo, SteveSparxx vs. Morris1721, Dartagnan vs. Morris1721, GoldenWarrior vs. Morris1721
  • Unwound: Both players will wear harnesses, attached to each other by a very long chain. The chain will be fully wrapped around a sturdy wooden pillar, standing in the middle of the arena. The objective is to unravel your chain from the pillar until it is long enough for you to grab your flag at the edge of the arena.
    • Played By: CTluvr195 vs. Lamb Chop!!!, CTluvr195 vs. LCBaby
  • Roulette: Both players will stand on a fast-rotating circular platform. The objective is to push your opponent completely off the platform. Each player’s ankles will be equipped with 25-pound weights, to help them maintain balance, while making it difficult to push their opponent off. Players are encouraged to forcibly remove their opponent’s heavy ankle braces in order to push them off the platform with ease.
    • Played By: Alexa vs. tjhallow, gamer73 vs. renaldob, tatertots vs, CTluvr195, faceless vs. Morris1721
  • Stacked: This will be played in a fairly large pool area. Scattered around the pool are several inner-tubes of different, progressive sizes. The objective is to collect one inner-tube of each size, and stack them correctly in a pyramid-like formation. The player will climb the “pyramid” in order to grab their flag from above the pool.
    • Played By: Ms. Dynasty vs. nurseallie, rey2pokey vs. SteveSparxx, Morris1721 vs. rw/rrjunkie, CTluvr195 vs. Ms. Dynasty, Insider vs. CTluvr195
  • Envy: Players will have several carabineers clipped to different locations of their body: wrists, ankles, and neck. They will also be wearing a special thin belt. The objective is to unclip all of your opponent’s carabineers and then clip them onto your belt. First one to accomplish this will win.
    • Played By: salt&vinegar vs. Luigi, blanky667 vs. salt&vinegar, Insider vs. Dandelion, Spinner554 vs. blanky667, SteveSparxx vs. renaldob, faceless vs. Spinner554, molds13 vs. cjslife, molds13 vs. CTluvr195

Final Challenge:Edit

Vampires, Sharks and Cats, Oh My!:

For the Final Mission, couples must complete 3 specific tasks. In order to complete a task, players must look for a specific picture and post it in the thread. All answers can be found on Vevmo. In addition to the 3 tasks, both partner must work together to complete the Final Puzzle. You may not work on the Final Puzzle until both partners have completed the first 3 tasks. The first couple to complete all 3 tasks and complete the final puzzle will win this season of The Citadel.

Citadel ProgressEdit

Males Missions
salt&vine WIN OUT
Luigi OUT
Females Missions
nurseallie SAFE SAFE OUT
Balletshoes SAFE OUT
Alexa OUT


     The contestant won the final mission.
     The contestant did not win the final mission.
     The contestant won the mission.
     The contestant won the Citadel.
     The contestant lost in the Citadel and was eliminated.
     The contestant was disqualified from the competition.


Ep # Episode Title Air Date
1 'As Cold As It Gets' September 10, 2009
After cystic informs the cast about the first ever individual format, the athletes got excited, the weak links got scared while tjhallow was just confused. At the villa, everyone is introducing themselves to each other meanwhile, renaldob’s broken language makes people wonder what he’s saying to the point where molds got annoyed. The housemates decide to chill outside and play soccer meanwhile Spinner is being an asshole and is acting above his rank making him a target in everybody’s eyes, people start bringing up Steve and gamer’s gay past which drives gamer to a dark place and reminds him of his miserable days on VR 3. At the “Smash and Swim” mission, molds13 and dplayer18 smashed their opponents and won, nominating Alexa and salt&vinegar. Salt chose Luigi to face him on the Citadel and selects Envy for the Citadel game meanwhile Alexa can’t make up her mind and was forced with tjhallow as an opponent and Roulette as the Citadel. Meanwhile tension between salt&vinegar and blanky667 rises to the point where blanky starts distracting salt’s head out of the game, faceless doesn’t enjoy blanky’s actions so he calls him out and threatens to smash his head like a berry. At the “Envy” Citadel Luigi puts up a fight but it just wasn’t enough while on the female Citadel “Roulette” tjhallow gets her revenge on Alexa and smashes her, earning her first Citadel win. Back at the house everyone congratulates salt and tjhallow for their respective wins but deep down inside they wish they were sent home, and just like that the game has officially began.
2 'Salty Behavior' September 12, 2009
After last night’s party, people woke up noticing broken bottles all over the place, passed out bodies AND spiders, GoldenWarrior wants to get away from all the partying and the drunken mess and claims he is here to win it. At the “Boulderdash” mission Morris1721 and tjhallow reach the finish line first earning their win and a plasma TV, also nominating blanky667 and Balletshoes as the Citadel nominees. After the mission blanky picks salt&vinegar with a smile as his opponent for the Citadel and choses Envy as the game while Ballet refuses to pick anyone so she is left with tatertots and Marionette as the game and everyone else is relieved and glad to stay in the house for another week. Salt is feeling salty about blanky’s decision so he questions his reasoning’s while blanky refuses to give him any reaction so he quietly gets prepared for the Citadel. At the 2nd Citadel “Envy” an intense match was made but blanky was more powerful and managed to win and send his rival home while at the “Marionette” Citadel, Ballet miserably fails and loses the elimination for herself. After the Citadels, salt convinces production that he left something in the house so he goes back and grabs a bottle of red win and pours it all over blanky’s clothes and bed, then, production immediately steps in and grab salt and sends him home before anything physical happen. The episode ends with salt talking salty about blanky in the confessional.
3 'The Ex & The Why' September 14, 2009
The episode starts with Spinner telling everyone to put him in for the Citadel in the next mission so he can take out blanky667, meanwhile Morris is trying to avoid the drama, so he joins blanky and CTluvr in the hot tub but he is informed that he may get herpes by staying there with them so he immediately runs away to the living room. At the “Stranded” mission LCBaby and faceless manage to take out molds13 and dplayer18 and steal away their win, nominating Ms. Dynasty and gamer73. Gamer73 choses renaldob as his opponent and Roulette as the Citadel game meanwhile Ms D. wasn't available to pick neither her opponent nor the game so she is left with nurseallie and Stacked as the game. Faceless and LCBaby are enjoying their time since winning the mission brought them back closer together. GoldenWarrior is upset that he didn't win the mission since he needs the money to propose to Katie (his partner on FM 1.5). At the male Citadel, gamer flies off giving renaldob his first win while Steve is crying to faceless about gamer. At the female Citadel nurseallie couldn't handle Ms. D giving her the boot out of the game. Back at the house, Steve locks himself in the bathroom and secretly starts crying over gamer.
4 'Painting The Bigger Picture' September 16, 2009
The episode starts with LCBaby getting encouraged by the cast mates to kiss faceless, meanwhile Insider feels bad about getting paired up with GoldenWarrior and bringing him down with her and she promises to do the best she can in the next mission. At the “Paint Wars” mission LCBaby is the last one standing and picks faceless as her male partner winner. LCBaby and faceless both pick Insider and rey2pokey as the Citadel nominees, Insider picks Dandelion as her opponent and Envy as the elimination game while rey picks SteveSparxx as his opponent and Stacked as the Citadel game. Insider feels underestimated and underrated by faceless and LC so she plans on giving her all later in the Citadel. At the 4th male Citadel (Stacked) ray2pokey and SteveSparxx face off resulting to a very close match but at the end rey fell short giving SteveSparxx his first Citadel win, afterwards, at the Envy female Citadel, Insider drags Dandelion to the curb eliminating her from the competition. At the house it was revealed that GoldenWarrior and Insider hooked up before the Citadel and continued their “celebration” after Insider’s Citadel win.
5 'Spinner Attack!' September 18, 2009
The episode starts immediately with the mission. The contestants arrive to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. Everyone glosses over the marine life in the display tanks, and is shortly escorted upstairs to the "feeding" area, above the aquarium tanks. Several girls shriek and back up, as they see several sharks swimming at the bottom. At the “Shark Attack” mission Lamb Chop!!! and dplayer18 out-stand and outlasted everyone earning their win and a $1,000 gift card to Edward's Movie Theater. Dplayer and Lamb pick Morris1721 and CTluvr195 as the Citadel nominees. Lamb is shocked that she finally won her first individual mission and she feels special. Morris picks rw/rrjunkie as his opponent with Stacked as the Citadel game while CTluvr picked Ms. Dynasty in Stacked as well. Everyone’s jaw is dropped, no one could believe that CTluvr had the balls to call out Ms. D. At the fifth Citadel, in Stacked Morris1721 and CTluvr195 outsmart, out-power and out-swim rw/rrjunkie and Ms. Dynasty earning their stay as rookies in the game. Back at the house, Spinner starts talking smack to dplayer18 leading for Steve and blanky to step up and defend their mate, Spinner feels ganged up on so he challenges them both to the Citadel.
6 'Out Of The Fire, Into The Citadel' September 20, 2009
The episode starts with the remaining players getting dropped off at the location of their next mission. At the “Unlock It Up” mission dplayer18 and molds13 succeed and win yet another mission, they both pick Spinner554 and CTluvr195 as the Citadel nominees. Spinner gladly calls out blanky667 for the Citadel and picks Roulette as the elimination game while CTluvr’s gutsy choices shocks everyone again with picking LCBaby as her opponent and Unwound as the elimination game. Meanwhile Spinner554 puts laxatives in all the drinks except the ones in his mini-fridge but dplayer finds out and exposes the situation with warning everyone, which makes Spinner a bigger target than he already was. LCBaby is pissed to be picked by a rookie so she goes offense mode and goes on a rampage against CTluvr, even though CT doesn’t like her exaggeration she pulls her aside to have a conversation and they clicked leading to CTluvr to change her vote to Lamb Chop making some players think she’s playing a coward game. Before the Citadels, the housemates decide to launch a party to relax and have fun, meanwhile faceless and Dart return to their ugly ways and start poking at Steve constantly and bringing up his relationship with gamer. At the 6th male Citadel, after a long tough battle Spinner manages to take advantage and win while on the female Citadel CTluvr takes out “Annoying” Lamb Chop with a smile surprising everyone. Back at the house, everyone congratulates CT and Spinner but Steve since they took out his only allies and most importantly friends, while faceless tends to instigate some drama between Spinner and Steve.
7 'Grudge' September 22, 2009
The episode starts with faceless telling Spinner that Steve was requesting him for the Citadel and that he was talking shit about him saying (“He’s weak”…) which pisses Spinner off so he tells everyone to nominate him so he can whoop Steve’s ass in the Citadel. At the “Think Fast!” mission Insider and GoldenWarrior surprisingly win it and they chose SteveSparxx and tatertots as the nominees of the Citadel. Later SteveSparxx picks renaldob based on strategy and he’s future in the game and he picks Envy as the game which molds13 thinks is a coward and dumb idea meanwhile tatertots doesn't show up to pick so she is left with Binary Solo and Marionette as the game. Dplayer18 throws a party for his friends Insider and GoldenWarrior to congratulate them and maybe to manipulate them to his side meanwhile faceless is shocked and relieved that Steve didn't pick him due to picking on him before and letting secrets slip out of his mouth. At the “Envy” male Citadel renaldob’s surprisingly dominates Steve and kicks him as hard as he can in the nuts, disqualifying him out of the game, production steps in and grabs renaldob before he does any more damage, while being carried away he threatens Steve to come back and rip his balls off. At the “Marionette” female Citadel. After the dust is settled Steve is disgusted by the way renaldob played the game while others were disappointed but everyone realized that the game is going to get ugly from now on.
8 'Cannibal' September 24, 2009
The episode starts with dplayer18 and faceless hosting a Liquid Latex fashion show with molds13, CrazyRealityGuy and GoldenWarrior as the judges, meanwhile love is in the air between Insider and GoldenWarrior. At the “Mazed and Confused” mission most of the competitors couldn’t finish it due to frustration but at the end Morris1721 and tatertots win, and feel special for winning the hardest mission so far. At deliberation tatertots and Morris pull a very gutsy move with nominating molds13 and faceless as the Citadel nominees, while molds13 is outraged and pissed faceless is confident going in and he picks Spinner with Envy as the elimination game meanwhile molds wants a rematch from The Tomb with cjslife and picks Envy as well. Tension between Spinner554 and faceless is set and they can’t wait till the Citadel to rip each other’s heads off meanwhile faceless decides to spend some time with LCBaby since it could be his last day in the game. Spinner feels underestimated by his housemates so he plans to give the Citadel his all and prove everybody wrong. At the 8th Male and Female Citadel on “Envy” faceless takes out Spinner554 after a long intense match while molds13 gives cjslife the boot and kicks her out of the game. Back at the house everyone congratulates molds and faceless for their impressive wins and everyone realizes that there is no room for any mistake since its past the halfway point.
9 'Closer And Closer' September 27, 2009
The episode starts with the remaining players working out in any type of way either physically or mentally since the final is getting closer and closer. SteveSparxx feels that Dartagan doesn’t deserve to be here and he feels that he got a free ride so far and he plans to change that. At the “Bottoms Up” mission dplayer18 and Stacee_Danielle devour their meals and earn their respective wins. At deliberations SteveSparxx and tatertots were nominated by the winners of the mission for the Citadel, later, after a calculated decision, Steve picks Morris1721 and chooses Marionette as the game and Morris respects his decision but feels like he is afraid to take out a big dog like Dartagnan meanwhile tatertots is left with CTluvr195 with Roulette as the game. After winning the mission Stacee feels sick from the mixture of nastiness so she is taken to a medic to fix her up. At the 9th female and male Citadel, Morris’s resistance leads him to the win and then he respectively salutes his opponent then say goodbye to each other, meanwhile CTluvr195 remains undefeated in the Citadel with defeating tatertots. Back at the house, the girls realize CTluvr’s strength and plan to take her out next and get her out of the game as soon as possible.
10 'The Calm Before The Storm' September 30, 2009
The episodes starts with people comparing CTluvr195 to tjhallow and were reminded of how much eliminations rounds both players went to and the controversy set a competitive rivalry between the two. At the ‘You’re The Bomb” mission, Insider bombs the competition and frees her partner GoldenWarrior earning their second mission win together. Insider and GoldenWarrior decide to nominate Dartagnan and CTluvr195 to the Citadel. CTluvr195 picks LCBaby as her opponent in the Citadel and Marionette as the elimination game meanwhile faceless is mad and upset about CT’s decision and he feels heartbroken. Dartagnan isn’t available to pick neither his opponent nor the elimination game so he is left with Morris1721 as his contender and Unwound as the game. A silent storm has attacked the house and everyone is calmly waiting for the upcoming Citadel. After a very close match-up at the male “Unwound” Citadel, Morris1721 snatches his flag declaring his victory. At the female “Marionette” Citadel, CTluvr195 got under LCBaby’s skin with her annoying singing voice which leads to LCBaby to lose her focus and splash to the water and lose. After the elimination round, faceless transforms to the ultimate ninja and starts breaking the furniture of the house ending the episode with him crying in the closet.
11 'Stripes' October 02, 2009
The episode starts with dplayer18 admiring the way Morris1721 plays the game and how hard he worked to get to this point without any alliances and they started forming a friendship. At the “Are You Afraid of the Dark” mission, tjhallow and faceless outlasted everybody and remained cool, calm and collected, earning their win. Faceless decides to nominate Insider and GoldenWarrior as the Citadel nominees for revenge since they were responsible for LCBaby’s lost in the last elimination round. Insider doesn’t care about going in since she expects to come back regardless so she picks CTluvr195 and “Stacked” as the game meanwhile GoldenWarrior decide to go big or go home and take out the king of Citadels, Morris in his own game “Marionette”. After hearing the news, Morris1721 is disappointed since he thought, he made some friends since his last Citadel. Morris is fed up with getting thrown in and takes out his frustration on CrazyRealityGuy and calls him out on his poor performance on this season which sets fumes inside CrazyRealityGuy. The two competitors start arguing about CRG earning his stripes, Morris claims that he never won a mission or even entered a Citadel so he questions everyone’s motive of throwing him in instead of CRG, dplayer18 stops the argument and asks Morris to focus on his Citadel first then come back and prove his point. Faceless explains to GoldenWarrior his reasoning’s of throwing him in and they both come to a mutual agreement and respect each other no matter what the outcome of the Citadel. At the “Marionette” Citadel, Morris pulls a shocking win and sends GoldenWarrior home while his lover Insider follows him after getting defeated in her Citadel against CTluvr. The remaining players are worried about the last mission so they decide to drop the drama and start focusing on winning.
12 'Twisted October 05, 2009
The episode starts with the final 8 players partying and celebrating their stay in Canada then all of the sudden, cystic breaks through the wall and crashes the party to inform everyone that there is no mission, but everyone needs to deliberate 2 female and male players to go in the Citadel and compete for a spot in the final. Everyone’s jaw is dropped to hell, and the bloodshed begins. After deliberation, it is confirmed that the match-ups will be faceless and Morris1721 for the males and molds13 and CTluvr195 for the females, cystic flips a coin to determine who will pick the game from each match-up; molds13 picks Envy while Morris picks Roulette. Everyone else is excited for making it to the end. Faceless is in beast mode and plans to hurt Morris very bad in their Citadel then calls him out for changing his vote from CrazyRealityGuy to faceless. At the final male Citadel, a very intense and physical match-up is set but at the end Morris1721 pulls out a very shocking victory. After the loss, everyone’s jaw is dropped and faceless goes on a rant then charges at Morris attempting to break his leg but CRG and dplayer18 stopped him then production stepped in and removed him from the situation. At the female Citadel CTluvr puts up a hell of a fight but molds13 was just strong enough to earn her win and a ticket to the final. Back at the house the final 6 players speculate the outcome of the final mission, ending the episode with foreshadowing clip of the final.
13 'Tasks, Puzzles and Money, Oh My! October 07, 2009
The episode starts with dplayer18 congratulating his remaining housemates for making it to the final meanwhile tjhallow has no hope for winning mainly due to molds13. Everyone gets ready for the moment they've all been waiting and training for; the final mission. At the final mission each player needs to be partnered with someone from opposite sex so molds13 gets partnered with dplayer18 while Morris is with Stacee_Danielle and CrazyRealityGuy is with tjhallow. Cystic blows the horn and the pairs run, crawl, jump to their first task which is to save Bacchus’s cat; Stacee_Danielle and Morris1721 are in the lead surprisingly but that lead vanishes after the 2nd task when molds13 and dplayer18 showed why they are unbeatable meanwhile the two other pairs are struggling. At the 3rd task molds & dplayer18 took the lead and advanced to the final puzzle with tjhallow and CrazyRealityGuy in 2nd place and Morris & Stacee in 3rd place. At the final puzzle molds13 and dplayer18 smoke the competition and become the Citadel champions while tjhallow & CrazyRealityGuy are in 2nd place and Stacee_Danielle & Morris in 3rd place. The finale ends with dplayer18 and molds screaming out of their tongues for victory only to be rudely interrupted by the cat of Bacchus; Zeus.
14 'Clubbin' da Seals: Citadel Reunion October 14, 2009
The reunion starts with Stacee (the host) introducing the competitors of the season and plans to "interrogate" them to find out what happened behind the behind the scenes in Canada. faceless interrupts everyone saying how unfair his elimination against Morris was, tjhallow adds her piece and gives the finger to everyone that underestimated her, Steve still feels like the outcast and explains why he called out Morris instead of the vets who picked on him, he later explains that he didn't care for gamer if he got eliminated but claims that their relationship status is just 'buddies", all of the sudden, gamer73 pops out of the audience and goes on a rant how he does not stand Steve nor does he like him or hang out with him and with that he crushes Steve's heart then he goes on the stage and attacks SteveSparxx. salt&vinegar says that he and blanky have done Hell House before Vevmo Revenge and didnt't get along there but he claims that he put his beef behind him and tried to start off fresh but blanky refused to. Morris1721 adds his share and expresses how proud he is for himself for making it to the final without alliances nor friendships then he rubs his accomplishment on SteveSparxx's face. SteveSparxx gets up and stands on his knees in front of gamer begging for forgiveness but gamer is in denial and wants nothing to do with Steve. CrazyRealityGuy adds light to his relationship with Morris and says that there is no problems between them then he gives a helpful (NOT) advice for the newbies. dplayer18 explains his strategy and confirms his retirement to start a music career then he stands up on the stage with a microphone and ends the reunion with a rock solid song. The reunion ends with an extended intense never before seen trailer for the new Vevmo Revenge.....The Chamber.