Vevmo Revenge: The Coliseum
Vevmo Revenge The Coliseum Logo
Format Reality
Created by cystic/Bacchus
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 10
Running time 60 minutes including commercials
Original channel Vevmo
Original run June,17 – July,07
Preceded by _________________
Followed by Vevmo Revenge: The Tomb

Vevmo Revenge: The Coliseum is the second season of the Vevmo reality game show. The Coliseum took place in Rome, Italy, with cast members (also called "vevmoans") competing. This season was played in a format of two teams — Titans and Olympians; players on the Titans team had at least 400 posts under their belt, while players on the Olympians team do not. The season premiered on June 17, 2009.


Host: cystic

Ms. Dynasty Runner-Up
RMD1 Runner-Up
dplayer18 Runner-Up
RW561015 Runner-Up
hpkhg45 Runner-Up
Dartagnan Episode 8
Debut Album
tjhallow Episode 6
blanky667 Episode 3
jake93 Episode 2
Zachary Episode 1
DaCollegeKid Winner
CrazyRealityGuy Winner
producer88 Winner
LCBaby Winner
faceless Winner
TheQuietOne Episode 7
rw/rrjunkie Episode 6
ColiesMom Episode 5
MrsPlumBean Episode 4
cjslife Episode 1


Both teams will compete in missions and win fabulous prizes and cold hard cash. The winning team in each mission receives a cash prize of $10,000. After the mission, each team will nominate one person from the opposite team to be potentially sacrificed to Bacchus in the Coliseum, where both competitors will battle it out to earn their spot in the game. The loser will suffer the wrath of Bacchus. There will be 8 total eliminations, and then a final mission, worth 300k.

Game SummaryEdit

# Mission Winners Coliseum Nominees Coliseum Winner Eliminated
1 Vertical Bikeathon  Titans tjhallow & cjslife The Labyrinth tjhallow cjslife
2 On The Rocks Olympians jake93 & CrazyRealityGuy Wind Me Up CrazyRealityGuy jake93
3 You A Meathead, Son Titans blanky667 & producer88 One-Armed Joust producer88 blanky667
4 Suck, Blow, Suck, Blow Titans Ms. Dynasty & MrsPlumBean Mud Wrastle Ms. Dynasty MrsPlumBean
5 The Movement Olympians dplayer18 & ColiesMom Stiff as a Board dplayer18 ColiesMom
6 Juicebox Hero Olympians RMD1 & rw/rrjunkie The Leaning Tower RMD1 rw/rrjunkie
7 He's Dyin, She's Cryin  Olympians Ms. Dynasty & TheQuietOne Balance & Electrify Ms. Dynasty TheQuietOne
8 Dish it Out Titans Dartagnan & Debut Album

producer88 & DaCollegeKid

Great Minds Think Alike producer88



Debut Album

9 Tour de Roma Olympians
     The Olympians team: 68 000$ each
     The Titans team: 8 000$ each


Mission Games:Edit

  • Vertical Bikeathon: There are two climbing poles, one for each team. There are 10 flags hung on the pole, in different locations. The goal is to climb the pole and grab all ten flags in the fastest time possible. Each heat, one person from each team will climb their poles while carrying a Schwinn mountain bike on their shoulders. If a participant falls, or drop either the bike or a flag, will get DQ as well as the slowest recorded time + 2 minutes. The winning team will receive 10k to be added to their team treasury, and each teammember will get to take home the mountain bike they carried up their pole.
  • On The Rocks: Buried in a large sandbox are tiny rocks. One teammate is obligated to sit out. The rest will dig in the sandbox and collect rocks. They will then run over to their teammate who sat out and fit as many rocks as possible in their mouth. After 7 minutes have elapsed, the rocks in the teammate's mouth get counted. The team with the most rocks at the end of 7 minutes will win 10 grand.
  • You A Meathead, Son: A tub of raw meat is placed, and then a "head-molding station", and finally 'finish' tables. When cystic sounds the horn, each team must gather as much raw meat as possible and take them to the head-molding station. Players will then stuff the cold, firm meat into the plastic molds, until you have formed a perfect meat-sculpture of Bacchus' head. Participants will then take the head to the finish table, red for Titans and blue for Olympians, and set it on the table to claim points. The objective is to complete as many heads as possible and place them on the finish tables. Each perfectly formed head is worth 10 points. Deformed heads are worth 2 points. Completely broken heads are 0 points.
  • Suck, Blow, Suck, Blow: Each person will have their own 15-inch clear plastic tube/straw. The straws will be positioned horizontally, and also have a tiny marble in them. The straws will have a blue line around it near one end, and a red line near the other end. Using only their breath, contestants will "relay" the marble from the blue line to the red line, vise versa, and repeat the process. They may accomplish this by sucking and blowing with their breath. The overall objective is to make your marble relay between the red line and blue line as many times as possible within the alotted time. Each successful relay will add 1 point to their teams' score. The ends of the straws are gauzed, to prevent anyone from accidentally sucking in the marble and choking on it.
  • The Movement: Each player has to stand on one of the greek pedestals. And the host will instruct you to strike a certain pose and maintain that pose as long as possible. Every 10 minutes, a new pose will be given to imitate. If a player moves even a muscle, he/she will get eliminated from the mission. If a player gets eliminated, he/she may walk over to anyone from the other team and attempt to irritate them. A player cannot touch them at all, or blow on them, or spit on them either. The last team remaining will bank 10 grand to their treasury, as well as a gift certificate for free Happy Dancing lessons from the famous Schmevan himself.
  • Juicebox Hero: 4 people on each team will lay down on their own cot with a funnel in their mouth, while the remaining 3 teammates will run over to the cooler, grab as many juice boxes as they can, run back to a teammate and squeeze the juices into their funnel. Players may then discard the juiceboxes after extracting them. The participants may not at any time put an unused juicebox down on the floor. Dropping a juicebox will force the contestant to go all the way back to the cooler and start over again. First team to rid of all 60 of their juiceboxes will bank 10 grand in their treasury.
  • He's Dyin', She's Cryin': The males on each team will all be sitting on individual platforms, 10 stories above the water. The females will be sealed in plexiglass chambers, filled with assorted goodies: freshly chopped onions and garlic cloves. The gals will remain in these chambers throughout the whole mission. Every time a girl blinks, one of their male teammates will randomly be dunked into the lake below. The team that outlasts the other team wins.
  • Dish It Out: The players legs will be attached to the bungee, and will be swinging above the plates of food like a pendulum. The goal is to huck lugees at the food while swinging around on the bungee. Each participant will be awarded by points for each lugee found on the plates of food, according to the point scale. The burger with fries is worth 3 points. The soup specialty is worth 4 points. The chili fries is worth 5. The lasagna is 6 and the pizza is 7. Finally, the taco plate in the center is worth 12 points. Players can score multiple points on the same plate as many times as they'd like. The time will end after 6 minutes or if the bungee stops swinging. The team with the best average points will win.

Coliseum Games:Edit

  • The Labyrinth: Both players must navigate a complicated maze. Scattered about the maze are several short lengths of rope - red rope for the Titan, blue for the Olympian. They must collect their respective ropes, according to color. In addition to the ropes, they must also find one last crucial piece of assembly - a hook. Once they retrieve all 4 pieces of their rope and combine them by tying them .together, they will attach the hook to the end. They will then make their way to the center of the maze, where a red and blue flag are hung considerably high on a sturdy support beam. They must swing their completed grappling ropes onto the beam, and proceed to climb the rope to grab their correct flag. First player to retrieve their flag will win in the Coliseum and rejoin their team.
    • Played By: tjhallow vs. cjslife
  • Wind Me Up: Each player will wear a harness, attached to a rope that is situated on several pulleys above them. The ends of each rope are spun around giant spindles with cranks attached to the sides. The rope itself is quite long, so some of it is laying loosely on the ground. Player must crank their opponent's spindle (similar to a fishing rod) until they are suspended in the air 10 feet above the ground.
    • Played By: jake93 vs. CrazyRealityGuy
  • Armed Joust: A 2-yard pole is placed in the center. There is a triangular prism [one red, one blue] on each end of the pole. On one side of the arena, there is a red wall with a triangular hole in the center, and a blue one on the other end of the arena. Each player will have one arm clipped behind his back then use their other arm to hold onto the end of the pole. The objective is to push your opponent's end of the pole into the triangular hole on his wall. First person to accomplish this will win the Coliseum, as well as a cheap *** headphone on sale at Radioshack.
    • Played By: blanky667 vs. producer88
  • Mud Wrastle: Each player will be partially submerged in mud (up to the waist). You will each have your own 6-inch metal ring, chained above the pool. Clipped to the bottom of the pool are several flags, distributed evenly throughout the pool. The goal is to retrieve 5 flags from the bottom of the pool, and clip them onto your designated ring. There are more than enough flags in the pool to suffice. As soon as a player clip at least 3 flags onto the ring, they are allowed to steal the opponent's flags from their hands. You may not at any time steal flags from their ring.
    • Played By: Ms. Dynasty vs. MrsPlumBean
  • Stiff As A Board: Both players will lay down (face up) on a set of blocks; the player's arms will rest on one block and their ankles on the other. Each participant will be wearing a special 'weight belts' while doing this elimination. Every 10 minutes, 3 pounds will be added to the belt. First person to hit the ground will be sent home with nothing.
    • Played By: dplayer18 vs. ColiesMom
  • The Leaning Tower: Each player will hang onto the top of a flexible tower by gripping handlebars with just their hands. The objective is to shake the opponent off the tower by bending the tower everywhere, while being careful not to fall off. Each player will be on opposite ends of the tower, so it is impossible to try and knock off the opponent by physical contact. First person to fall off, loses.
    • Played By: RMD1 vs. rw/rrjunkie
  • Balance & Electrify: The objective is to walk across the narrow balance beams while holding onto a ring. If the ring touches the metal rail, then 50 volts are running through it. Players have to make it to the end of the beam, grab a flag from the top, and walk back to the other side. Grab a flag, rinse and repeat until 6 flags have been collected. A player gets disqualified if: (1) Let go of the ring with both hands, (2) Drop a flag, (3) Any part of the player‘s body touches the ground.
    • Played By: Ms. Dynasty vs. TheQuietOne
  • Great Minds Think Alike: One of the partners will be on the torture rack, while the other partner will use the dry erase boards to answer trivia questions about fellow cast members. Each pair will have different questions to answer. When the questions are asked, the players with the dry erase board have 1 minute to write down their answer. The person on the rack is then asked to vocalize his own answer. If his answer doesn't match what his partner wrote on the dry erase board, the rack device is turned counter-clockwise once. The only way to lose this Coliseum is if a player on the rack forfeits.
    • Played By: Dartagnan & Debut Album vs. DaCollegeKid & producer88

Final Challenge:Edit

Tour de Roma: Each team will be looking for clue scrolls in various areas of Rome, which will entail a “point A to point B” type of mission. The mode of transit will be the very same mountain bikes the teams used in their first mission. The teams will be sent to the first destination, where they will find the first clue scroll. In that scroll is a clue to the next destination, and so on and so on. There are four clue scrolls overall before the final puzzle. This will continue until each team have reached the final puzzle. All teammates must be present at the finish line to win the final prize.

Coliseum ProgressEdit

Males Missions
blanky667 WIN SAFE OUT
jake93 WIN OUT
Zachary OUT
MizFit2009 DQ
Females Missions
cjslife OUT
     The contestant is on the Olympians team.
     The contestant is on the Titans team.
     The team won the competition.
     The team finished second in the final mission.
     The team won the mission and $10,000.
     The contestant was not selected for the Coliseum.
     The contestant won in the Coliseum.
     The contestant lost in the Coliseum and was eliminated.
     The contestant was disqualified from the competition due to physical violence.
     The contestant withdrew from the competition.
     The contestant was removed from the competition due to injury.


Ep # Episode Title Air Date
1 'One Night In Italy' June 17, 2009
After cystic informs the contestants about the format they immediately run, jump, crawl their way to the mansion and start the not so long party and out of nowhere tension between rw/rrjunkie and Mizfit2009 culminate and BABOOM! a punch is thrown by Mizfit at junkie that barely connected but still caused Mizfit to go home. After a night filled with irresponsible drinking and partying, not to mention regrettable hook-ups, production steps in and informs the cast about a “serious and life threatening accident” with Zachary which basically sends him home. Finally the cast arrive to their first mission and got introduced to two new players; The Olympians give TheQuietOne a warm welcome, while the Titans greet hpkhg45 with anticipation. At the “Vertical Bikeathon” mission The Titans climb their way to victory while The Olympians whine about their loss. At nominations cjslife & tjhallow are nominated for the Coliseum. At The “Labyrinth” Coliseum cj gave a fiery performance but at the end tj pulls her way to victory sending cj home. After Tj successfully returns to the game the party-holics (meaning everyone) throw another party for no reason (as always) and the episode ends with everyone fooling around.
2 'REDemption' June 18, 2009
The episode starts with dplayer18 wondering who stole LCBaby’s pink boxer shorts and nail polish, MrsPlumBean (MPB) is thrown as a suspect, meanwhile TheQuietOne and RMD1’s little conversation blows out of proportion leading to a bragging contest. Ms. Dynasty & RMD1 decide to eliminate LC & TheQuietOne next for calling people out. The next day, the contestants arrive at Aventine Hill for their second mission “On The Rocks” where the Olympians rock and win their first mission. At nominations jake93 & CrazyRealityGuy are nominated to The Coliseum. At the “Wind Me Up” Coliseum CrazyRealityGuy destroys jake earning his stay in the game while jake’s loss disappoints him and his team. After the elimination round the Olympians brag about their successful results which pisses the Titans off and fires them up way more.
3 'Meat & Tomatoes' June 20, 2009
The episode starts with TheQuietOne confusing tjhallow to a guy by her dudish look which drives a controversy and questions about who’s a guy and who’s a girl in the house. At the “You A Meathead, Son” mission The Titans win yet another time disappointing The Olympians. At nominations blanky667 and producer88 were nominated for The Coliseum. At the “Armed Joust” Coliseum, producer blew his way to the win and send blanky home. The remaining players feel that the vibe is too chill and think that there is a storm coming in the way.
4 'Paranoia Activity' June 22, 2009
The episode starts with the contestants arriving at their fourth mission “Suck, Blow, Suck, Blow” where the Titans score their first consecutive win. The Olympians grow frustrated so they decide to try and trim the fat by working with the opposite team which leads for paranoia to get in some players heads, at nominations Ms. Dynasty and MrsPlumBean are sacrificed to Bacchus at the Coliseum. Out of nowhere ColiesMom volunteers herself in the Coliseum instead of MrsPB but Titans wouldn't let her since it was too late. At the “Mud Wrastle” Coliseum Ms. Dynasty wrestles her way to victory and proving she isn’t the one to be messed with by sending MrsPlumBean home. Back at the house after dplayer18 found LCBaby’s missing nail polish and think pink boxer shorts on the bathroom floor he heads outside for a walk only to witness a brawl between Debut Album and an unknown (so far) person and ending the episode with a cliffhanger.
5 'Debut Of War' June 23, 2009
The episode starts with the continuation of the brawl between Debut Album and the Anonymous person where Mr. Anonymous slams Debut Album to the sidewalk twice, after a camera man broke up the fight Production interferes and brings him for questioning and after an extensive interrogating, Debut refused to cough up a name and claims that it was no big deal at all and that he's fine, spare a few minor bruises in his rib area. D.A asks production to drop the situation and continue with the game. The next day the contestants arrive to their 5th Mission “The Movement” where The Olympians pull through and win the mission. Back at the mansion Ms. D holds a grudge against LCBaby for stabbing her in the back by voting against her at the last nominations so she is determined to “snap her neck”. Later on faceless decides to throw a costume party with the help of the original host Stacee_Danielle who makes a surprise visit to the house but during the party Dartagnan is fed up with producer88’s arrogant behavior but Stacee stops the argument and continues the party. At nominations dplayer18 and ColiesMom get nominated to the Coliseum meanwhile Debut and dplayer get pulled by production to a trailer demanding more details’ leading to a conclusion that Mr. Anonymous is a male Olympian. At the “Stiff as a Board” Coliseum, ColiesMom falls out of the game giving dplayer18 his first win. Dart & producer have an argument about ColiesMom performance leading to an ugly verbal fight but they both realize their mistake and apologize to each other.
6 'Gone Baby, Gone' June 25, 2009
The episode starts with the cast getting informed that tjhallow quit the game and her team is devastated to lose another strong player and while everybody is questioning the reasons of her action, host cystic steps up and tells the players that her departure will remain as "personal reasons." And that she won’t be replaced. At the “Juicebox Hero” mission a fierce race between the Titans and the Olympians is set but the Olympians pull through again and tie the wins earning another 10k. At nominations RMD1 and rw/rr junkie are sacrificed to the Coliseum. At “The Leaning Tower Coliseum RMD1 destroys his opponent while junkie’s size disadvantage sends him home. Right before junkie’s departure he goes and start arguing with Debut then pushes him but RMD1, dplayer18 and Dartagnan break up the fight before it gets more physical then Debut Album reveals that junkie is the one who attacked him leading for production to ban rw/rrjunkie from upcoming appearances.
7 'Down To The Wire (Part 1)' June 26, 2009
The episode starts with the remaining players getting excited, scared and nervous for the next mission and Coliseum, later the gender controversy is being brought up again where faceless faces karma and gets called a girl. The teams arrive at Lake Garda, for their 7th mission “He's Dyin', She's Cryin'” where the Olympians outlasted the Titans and finally one-upped them. At nominations, TheQuietOne and Ms. Dynasty were nominated for the last female Coliseum. TheQuietOne claims to be more than ready for the Coliseum so she starts talking smack and claims that she will eat a child if she has to which scares most of the players. At the last female Coliseum “Balance & Electrify” Ms. Dynasty pulls a shocking comeback and wins the elimination round and advances to the final while TheQuietOne’s performance just wasn’t good enough.
8 'Down To The Wire (Part 2)' June 28, 2009
The episode starts with the remaining competitors arriving to the site of their last mission before the final “Dish It Out”, at the mission the Titans even it up with winning another 10k. Cystic reveals a shocking twist about the last Coliseum, he informs the contestants that Each team should vote one of their own males into the Coliseum, and then vote a male from the opposite team because the last Coliseum will be a partnered elimination. Producer88 decides to volunteer himself due to his poor performance in the mission while Dartagnan, DaCollegeKid and Debut Album are picked to be sacrificed at the Coliseum. At the “Great Minds Think Alike” Coliseum Debut Album’s stupid answers rack his and Dart’s chances of winning but leads producer and CollegeKid to victory. Dartagnan storms out of the arena not even looking at Debut but ashamed of his loss against his rival producer88 and the Titans have to deal with losing the strongest member of their team. The episode ends with the remaining players preparing for the grand finale.
9 'All Roads Lead To The Coliseum' June 29, 2009
The Finale has finally came and the competitors waste no time and start training while others are arguing about which team is better, RMD1 doesn't like producer bragging about his win against dart so he calls him out. The remaining players get ready and dressed for the final challenge. The final 11 players arrive to the site of their final mission “Tour de Roma” which is an endurance-based tour of Rome’s most well-known tourist sites where each team will be looking for clue scrolls in various areas of Rome, after cystic explained the rules the mission begins. Throughout the whole mission the teams have been neck and neck but the Titans were getting ahead by a short lead. At the final puzzle the Olympians were frustrated by the results and decide to give up until the brilliant faceless gets the puzzle and start putting it together then both him and dplayer18 finish the puzzle at the same time but only one of them is right. And in a shocking comeback the Olympians win the Final Mission (mainly because of faceless) and receive 340 grand.
10 'When in Rome…: The Reunion Special' July 07, 2009
On The Reunion Special the finalists discuss how the final mission went down, secret cross team alliances between dplayer18 and faceless and between RMD1 and producer88 are revealed, tjhallow explains her departure, faceless and LCBaby talk about their romance, Dartagnan confronts his team about voting in Debut Album with him and calls out producer88 for his shadiness while producer explains his beef with Dart and Ms. Dynasty, an audience member and possibly a future contestant gets into it with faceless, RMD1 and producer, and cystic confirms that calls for the next Vevmo Revenge are out.