Vevmo Revenge: The Tomb
Vevmo Revenge The Tomb Logo
Format Reality
Created by cystic/Bacchus
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 14
Running time 60 minutes including commercials
Original channel Vevmo
Original run July,16 – August,30
Preceded by Vevmo Revenge: The Coliseum
Followed by Vevmo Revenge: The Citadel

Vevmo Revenge: The Tomb is the third season of the Vevmo reality game show. The Tomb took place in Hurghada, Egypt, with cast members (also called "vevmoans") competing. This season was played in a format of two teams (Sinners & Saints) divided based on forum personalities. The season premiered on July 16, 2009.


Host: Stacee_Danielle with cystic as

Dartagnan Winner
dplayer18 Winner
faceless Winner
molds13 Winner
tatertots Winner
tjhallow Winner
LCBaby Winner
salt&vinegar Episode 8
gamer73 Episode 6
Ms. Dynasty Episode 5
JillSienna Episode 3
Grrrr!!! Episode 2
Debut Album Episode 1
producer88 Runner-Up
SteveSparxx Runner-Up
RMD1 Runner-Up
CrazyRealityGuy Runner-Up
ColiesMom Runner-Up
Lamb Chop!!! Runner-Up
TheQuietOne Runner-Up
cjslife Episode 11
Binary Solo Episode 10
RW561015 Episode 9
needsalife Episode 7
weslacoeast9 Episode 5


Before each mission, a team will nominate one male or one female from the opposing team into the Tomb elimination round depending if its as either a male or a female Tomb day. Each mission is alternatively designated as either a male or a female mission day. Once the nominations are set, the mission takes place to determine several things. The first: The team that wins the mission snags a $10,000 check to deposit in their team bank account. The second: The best individual performer (of each gender) on each team will win a special sponsor prize and a Relic. A Relic allows you to either be immune from the Tomb, or volunteer yourself to go in for your teammate who was nominated into the Tomb prior to the mission. After a certain amount of missions and eliminations, there would be a Final Mission that will reward your determination with the grand $300,000.00 prize check.

Game SummaryEdit

# Mission Winners Tomb Nominees Relic Winners Tomb Winner Eliminated
1 Mother Smuggler Sinners Debut Album weslacoeast9 faceless SteveSparxx Paint it Black weslacoeast Debut Album
2 Chubby Civilian Saints molds13 Lamb Chop!!! molds13 ColiesMom Cuff Love Lamb Chop!!! JillSienna
3 Hoover Vacuum Sinners gamer73 SteveSparxx faceless CrazyRealityGuy Dead Weight gamer73 SteveSparxx
4 Little Piglets Saints Ms. Dynasty cjslife LCBaby RW561015 Ball Bluster cjslife Ms. Dynasty
5 Throw Your Water Sinners gamer73 SteveSparxx dplayer18 producer88 Reach Around SteveSparxx gamer73
6 Got Milk? Sinners tatertots RW561015 LCBaby RW561015 Logrolling tatertots needsalife
7 Magic 8 Ball Saints salt&vinegar SteveSparxx faceless SteveSparxx Spin Cycle Binary Solo salt&vinegar
8 Wake-Up Call Sinners tatertots cjslife tjhallow cjslife Drag Queen tjhallow RW561015
9 Chocolate Mudslide Saints Dartagnan SteveSparxx faceless SteveSparxx Hammered faceless Binary Solo
10 Gurneys & Handcuffs Sinners tjhallow cjslife molds13 Lamb Chop!!! Nail-Biter molds13 cjslife
11 Think Like an Egyptian Sinners
     The Sinners team: 51 428$ each
     The Saints team: 5 714$ each
     The contestant used their Relic to save themselves from the Tomb.
     The contestant was put into the Tomb by a Relic winner.
     The contestant used their Relic to put themselves in the Tomb.
     The contestant was saved from the Tomb by a Relic winner.


Mission Games:Edit

  • Mother Smuggler: The objective is to infiltrate the baggage claim area undetected, ransack all the luggage bags and suitcases until you find a contorted ColiesMom, and escort her safely across the border before the other team. She will be blindfolded so the player has to direct her to the best of ability. Teams are allowed to "steal" CM at any time in order to win the mission. There will be also security guards, wielding night-sticks.
  • Chubby Civilian: There are a variety of colored water balloons in the arena. The goal is to collect as many balloons possible into your stomach pouch, and make it out of the arena. Each balloon corresponds to a certain amount of points, according to color. Black balloons are 10 points, red balloons are 7, blue balloons are 5, and yellows are 3. Players can only get points if the balloon is still in tact when they get it across the white line. Everyone is allowed to steal balloons, as well as pop the other team's balloons once they have them in their pouch.
  • Hoover Vacuum: Each team will have to sell a total of 10 Hoover Vacuums. Players can use any method possible: threats, bribes, talent shows, anything at your disposal. The first team to sell all 10 of their vacuums will win the mission.
  • Little Piglets: Each player will enter a corral and herd as many pigs as possible into their team's gate. It is allowed to hinder the other team by any means necessary. The mission will end after 20 minutes.
  • Throw Your Water (At Me): Each player will wear a helmet with a lit candle strapped on top and also equipped with 3 holstered water bottles. The goal as a team is to extinguish everyone's flame from the other team by "throwing" the water at them.
  • Got Milk: Each player is going to take turns sipping bottles of milk using a narrow straw, and then running all the way to their team's cardboard box and spit out the stockpile of milk into the box. The players will continue doing this until the team reaches the fill line. The winning team will receive 10 grand and a lifetime supply of Horizon Soy Milk.
  • Magic 8-Ball: This mission will take place in the house. Each team has to take their respective 8-ball and hide it in the best spot they can think of. After both teams are done hiding them, Each team will then ransack the house to find the other team's 8-ball. First team to do this wins the mission.
  • Wake-Up Call: Buried underneath the sand are several portable alarm clocks. At random times, they will start to go off, and the goal is as a team is to locate these alarm clocks and dig them out. First team to dig out 6 alarm clocks will win the mission, and each member will receive a VibraWake Sigma alarm clock.
  • Chocolate Mudslide: There are 2 long strips of tarp, each measuring 30 meters long. Each team will assign 2 teammates to slather the tarp strip with chocolate syrup, then each player will take turns sliding on the tarp (belly down). the host (Stacee) will record each of the player's distances and average them out. The team with the longest average distance will win.
  • Gurneys & Handcuffs: Each participant will be strapped down in one of these gurneys, handcuffed with your hands resting above your chest while wearing one of these orange prison jumpsuits, with multiple pockets seamed in. The goal, while strapped in these gurneys, is to look for the handcuff's key in one of the jumpsuit's pockets, unlock the handcuffs, and then unstrap from the gurney while rolling down a hill. The time will stop once the player completely jumps off of the moving gurney. Failure to complete this mission will result in a DQ; receiving the slowest logged time + 2 minutes. The team with the fastest average time wins the mission.

Tomb Games:Edit

  • Paint it Black: The objective is to completely soak the opponent's chest plate with paint, until there are no more white spots left. First person to achieve this, wins the Tomb and gets to rejoin their team.
    • Played By: Debut Album vs. weslacoeast9
  • Cuff Love: There will be three total hand cuffs. One will attach your arms together. The other two will be cuffed to your free wrists, each with one hand cuff open. There is a metal pole standing on each end of the arena. The goal is to drag your opponent to the pole and successfully handcuff their arm to the pole. Anything goes.
    • Played By: Jill Sienna vs. Lamb Chop!!!
  • Dead Weight: Each player will be harnessed and strung to the ceiling by several ropes, like a marionette puppet. The ropes with the player's respective colored sandbags are looped through the ceiling, and attached to your harness. The objective is to swing from rope to rope and unclip the opponent's sandbags from them, dropping them into the water below. Each sandbag unclipped will make the opponent drop closer to the water. When all sandbags are unclipped, the oponent will plummet into the water, signifying your victory.
    • Played By: gamer73 vs. SteveSparxx!!!
  • Ball Buster: Each player will be encased in a plastic bubble. The arena is 20 meters in diameter. The objective is to completely bump the opponent out of the arena using your bubble.
    • Played By: Ms. Dynasty vs. cjslife
  • Reach Around: Each player will be wearing a special belt, with a retractable belt buckle. Attached to the belt buckle is a carribeaner. Located at the back of the belt is a metal ring. The goal is to grab the opponent's carribeaner buckle, pull it all the way behind the opponent, and hook it onto the metal ring located at the back of the belt. Both players will be oiled up with grease. First person to do this wins.
    • Played By: gamer73 vs. SteveSparxx!!!
  • Logrolling: Each player will stand on a mechanical rolling log. The objective is to outlast the opponent. The log will start out on a slow, steady pace, and progressively increase in speed as time passes by. After a while, the log will randomly change speeds until one of the participants has fallen off. Winner stays, loser goes home.
    • Played By: tatertots vs. needsalife
  • Spin Cycle: Each player will lay down on the platform whilst crossing their legs around one of the pegs. The platform will start to rotate and accelerate over time. The goal is to hang onto the pegs as long as possible, and hope that the opponent goes flying off first.
    • Played By: salt&vinegar vs. Binary Solo
  • Drag Queen: In the middle of the circular arena is a 200-pound donut-shaped weight. Both players will be attached to this weight by a short bungee cord. The goal is to get your entire body out of the arena first. This means each player will have to drag both the weight and the opponent in order to win.
    • Played By: tjhallow vs. RW561015
  • Hammered: There is a thick wooden board standing horizontally in the center of the Tomb. Imbedded in the board are 8 wooden pegs (4 red, 4 blue), each color sticking out on opposite sides. Using the steel hammers, each player will try and hammer all 4 of the opponent's pegs all the way through the board until they fall out. First one to accomplish this wins the Tomb.
    • Played By: faceless vs. Binary Solo
  • Nail-Biter: There is a block of balsa wood in the middle of the arena. This wooden block is punctured with many, many rusted nails. With the players hands tied behind their backs, both participants will use your teeth to pull out as many nails as they can, and then deposit them in their personal basket. After 6 minutes are up, the nails in the baskets will be counted, and the person with the most nails wins.
    • Played By: molds13 vs. cjslife

Final Challenge:Edit

Think Like An Egyptian:

There are 3 puzzles, they will be announced 1 at a time. The goal is to get 2 out of 3 correct (if your team gets the first 2 puzzles correct, then we'll skip the 3rd one and move onto the final 4th puzzle). The team that solves 2 puzzles will get a very helpful hint in solving the 4th final puzzle, which will be announced after the first few puzzles are solved. After each puzzle, the next will be slightly harder. At the final 4th puzzle, both teams are permitted to work on them, except one team will have a helpful hint since they earned it by solving the previous puzzles. Once a team finishes the final puzzle, they will be declared the champions of Vevmo Revenge III.

  • Puzzle 1: A Bright Idea: A thick wooden divider is separating 3 red switches from 3 light bulbs. The teams are facing the switches. The goal is to figure out a way to know which switches turns on which bulbs. Here is the catch: - Only one person from each team can physically work on the puzzle. The rest of the participants have to help him/her from the sidelines behind him/her. - You can press as many switches as you want, and as many times as you want. - You can only go over to the light bulbs ONCE. After venturing to the light bulb side, you cannot go back to the switches area.
  • Puzzle 2: Vertical Word Scramble: Each team had to change the red letters in order to create ten brand new 4-letter words. The BLACK letters will not move from their position at all. You have to change each word such that the red letters will reveal a ten-letter word when read downwards (The word CRAIHRUANE will become a real word comprised of these letters: RIOCOHERNS).

Puzzle 3 was never revealed since both teams completed the first two Puzzles.

  • Puzzle 4: One Hit Wonders: List every VEVMO cast member from VR I and II who only appeared on one season. Then, list them in order by oldest vevmo member to newest vevmo member.
    • Vevmo Revenge: The Tomb Winners: The Sinners
    • Runner-Ups: The Saints

Tomb ProgressEdit

Males Missions
Debut OUT
Females Missions
Jill Sienna N/A OUT
Grrrr!!! WIN OUT


     The contestant is on the Sinners team.
     The contestant is on the Saints team.


     The team won the competition.
     The team finished second in the final mission.
     The team won the mission and $10,000.
     The contestant won the Relic and saved themselves.
     The contestant won the Relic but did not use it.
     The contestant was saved by the Relic's winner.
     The contestant won the Relic, went into the Tomb and won.
     The contestant was not selected for the Tomb.
     The contestant won the Tomb.
     The contestant lost in the Tomb and was eliminated.
     The contestant withdrew from the competition.
     The contestant was removed from the competition due to injury.
     The contestant lost in the Tomb and was eliminated, but came back later in the game as a replacement.


Ep # Episode Title Air Date
1 'Egyptian Irritation' July 16, 2009
After cystic reveals the new format and explains the rules, the cast members enter their new villa and the battle between good and evil begins (meaning the party) , tjhallow decides to check internet with her secret phone that randomly has connection and she finds a blog about Vevmo Revenge so she exposes the information to everyone and they were surprised that they were that famous only 3 seasons in. the blog talk continued in the next day’s morning until production stepped in and dragged the cast to their first mission. Before the mission started cystic informs the players that it’s a male Tomb day and players have to vote secretly to who’s going in to the Tomb. Before the results came out, everyone is scared for their lives and praying/sinning that they won’t go in meanwhile, tj starts dropping hints that she is having an alliance with the angel. Cystic reveals that the Tomb match-up is Debut Album vs. weslacoeast9 and both teams are happy with the decisions but wes, who promises revenge. At the “Mother Smuggler” mission the sinner’s dirty ways steals the win from the saints. Cystic reveals the winners of the relics: faceless and Steve. At the first male tomb “Paint it Black”, wes’s rage helps him destroy Debut Album and sends him home. The episode ends with Steve questioning his decision of sending Debut Album in the Tomb.
2 'Blogger's Anonymous' July 17, 2009
The episode starts with everyone partying and having a good time, meanwhile weslacoeast9 calls Dartagnan out for the Tomb and dares him to accept his challenge but he doesn’t so they start arguing until RMD1 (the voice of reason) steps up and breaks up the scene and make them squash their beef. After some long researches producer88 finds out about a secret cross team alliance between Dart, Crazyrealityguy, Ms.D, Steve and ColiesMom and blames Steve for changing his vote from Dart to DebutAlbum, RMD1 and dplayer18 ironically finds out they were getting played by Steve and Dart, and during all this drama and shit talking cystic magically appears and stops the arguing for a second only to inform the cast about the blog lady’s evergrowing blogs and that she was identified as Jill meanwhile faceless is mad at RMD1 for trying to hook up with his girl LC but he apologizes to him so they hug it out. The next day the blog lady “Jill” finds a way to contact the cast members and harass them so they give her info about the game which freaks them out, after rejecting her calls she made a blog rating the chances of the cast getting laid which gets into the players heads but they get waken up by gamer’s screams. Grrrr sustained an injury during the first mission, a bullet wound was found on her shoulder so the producers were forced to send her home. At nominations molds13 and Lamb Chop!!! were sacrificed to the Tomb. At the “Chubby Civilian“ mission, after Stacee explained the rules she welcomes Grrrr’s replacement JillSienna ending the episode with a cliffhanger.
3 'Blogged Minds' July 18, 2009
The episode starts with the continuation of the shocking news that the infamous lady blogger is the new replacement, everyone’s jaw is dropped, the Sinners are heavily displeased, while the Saints find their new hope so the Sinners throw the mission and give molds13 the relic while on the Saints team ColiesMom gets the relic. The Sinners team suggests to throw in Jill but molds wants to give her a chance to see what she can offer. The cast discusses Jill’s identity and her blog and are curious but afraid if it’s all an act or she is really off her meds and is crazy so they did some researches and find out that her name is inspired by Resident Evil character “Jill”. At the Tomb molds13 decides to sacrifice Jill Sienna in her place and her team is pleased with her decision. At the “Cuff Love” Tomb, Lamb Chop drags Jill to her pole and wins her first elimination round as a rookie while everyone is cheering for her and booing for Jill. The episode ends with the cast checking Jill’s blog as she exposes almost everybody’s social media account which freaks the cast out so the producers decide to ban her from Vevmo Revenge completely.
4 'Don't Hate The Gamer, Hate The Game' July 18, 2009
The episode starts with SteveSparxx and weslacoeast9 finding out that Jill found their address and she wrote on her blog that she will make a visit there which freaks them out so they ran to production for help only to find out that production (Bacchus) made the fake account and the fake blog with help from molds13 while ColiesMom knew the truth all along, and the cast were shocked but relieved that it wasn’t true and appreciated the prank (that got wrong). After the whole blog lady’s incident ended the cast decide it was time for a party with an 80’s theme. During the party gamer73 overhears Dartagnan saying he is the realest in the house so he confronts him and it turns to an argument until Lamb Chop interfered and showed them a picture of a bunny rabbit. After a full day of training, drinking, answering random phone calls and imagining octopuses, SteveSparxx starts getting paranoid and the game gets into his head so his housemates decide to play with him and start a rumor about him being gay and having a crush on gamer73 which pisses him off so he takes his anger out on gamer. At deliberation gamer73 and SteveSparxx are nominated for the next Tomb. At the “Hoover Vacuum” mission the sinners win the challenge and bank another 10 grand, as for the relics; faceless and CrazyRealityGuy were the best performers in the mission but refuse to save their nominated partners. At the “Dead Weight” Tomb Steven struggles and loses his cool while gamer flies through and earns his first elimination win. Back at the house gamer expects his team to congratulate him for his win but instead they give him the cold shoulder making gamer realize that it’s an ugly game and he should play on his own.
5 'Gone Today, Here Tomorrow' July 23, 2009
The episode starts with producer waking up and feeling that his heart isn’t in the game anymore so he decides to quit but was convinced to stay. Wes receives a call from home saying that duty calls so he has to go back to the states and quit the game. Later someone knocks on the door and it’s SteveSparxx, wes’s replacement and everyone is more sad that wes is gone than happy that steve came back. At The 2nd female deliberation Ms. Dynasty and cjslife were nominated for the Tomb. At the “Little Piglets” mission, the saints drag the piglets to peace evening up the scoreboard meanwhile RW561015 and LCBaby win the relics and both refuse to save their teammates. Meanwhile faceless and Dart make fun of Steve jogging every day and bring up his relationship with gamer which drives gamer nuts to the point where he’s done with his team and he claims that he wants the saints to win. At the “Ball Buster” Tomb cjslife bumps Ms. Dynasty out of the game giving cj her first Tomb win.
6 'Game Over' July 28, 2009
The episode starts with Stacee telling the housemates about a coming soon Halloween themed party meanwhile producer is sick of playing nice and decides to call out the secret alliance once again (Dart/CRG/ColiesMom) which starts another controversy in the house. At the male deliberation, SteveSparxx and gamer73 were nominated for the Tomb giving Steve his chance to redeem himself by his rematch. At the “Throw Your Water (At Me)” mission, the sinners blow the saints chance of winning, earning their 3rd win and banking another 10 grand. As for the relics, dplayer18 and producer receive them and refuse to sacrifice their souls for either gamer nor Steve. At the “Reach Around” tomb gamer’s size disadvantage sends him home and gives Steve his revenge win. At the house the Sinners team feel like losing gamer doesn’t change anything in the game meaning he was useless.
7 'Milky Situation' July 30, 2009
The episode starts with the housemates celebrating tjhallow’s 21’st birthday and party for the rest of the night. At the female Tomb deliberation, tatertots and RW561015 got sacrificed to the Tomb. At the “Got Milk” mission the Sinners team snatches the win and receives another 10 grand in their team’s bank account hoping to keep this winning streak. RW561015 and LCBaby win the relics so RW decides to send in needsalife in her place while LC lets tatertots take one for the team. At the “Logrolling” Tomb tatertots’s steady pace wins her the elimination game while needsalife sadly is sent home. RW feels bad for sending in needsalife so her housemates start consoling her and explaining that it’s a game and we have to move on.
8 'Break-up Break-down' August 03, 2009
The episode starts with faceless and LCBaby having different opinions and find themselves always fighting, so they both decide to end their relationship and go separate ways while faceless is trying to be a pimp now LC is looking for some girl on girl action. Wes sneaks in to the house to check on his girl tjhallow and he is been told that she hooked up with producer so they confront each other, F bomb were thrown, the-shall-not-be-said-was-thrown, and all of the sudden wes snaps and grabs a lamp and breaks it on producer’s face causing a huge fight. After the brawl tj is on producer’s side and wes is kicked out (again) while smack talking, faceless sees the event and decides to help his friend producer so he gets in one of production’s vans and runs wes over, gets out of the van and start punching him in the face. After the fight, wes is leaving Egypt in an ambulance while smack talking (again). At the 7th male Tomb deliberation SteveSparxx and salt&vinegar are sacrificed to the Tomb. At the “Magic 8-Ball” mission the Saints brains figure out the Sinners hidden spot earning another win and another 10 grand. As for the Relics faceless refuses to sacrifice himself while Steve gets the Relic and choses to send in Binary in his place. At the “Spin Cycle” Tomb salt&vinegar flies off the competition giving Binary Solo his win.
9 'Girl On Fire' August 09, 2009
The episode starts with RW and Steve playing pool and discussing how the game became more savage and brutal. At the 8th female Tomb deliberation tatertots and cjslife were nominated for the Tomb, and tater is fired up and ready for whatever. Dplayer18 gathers the housemates and suggests having a bonfire so the guys set the fire outside and everyone grabs a couple of bottles and have a good time. At the “Wake-Up Call” mission the Sinners clock the Saints team earning another win and another 10 grand. As for the winners of the relics tjhallow saves tatertots and sends herself in while cjslife shockingly sends in RW561015. At the “Drag Queen” elimination round teej drags RW561015 to her loss earning her first win in the Tomb. After the Tomb Steve thinks that cjslife screwed up and put one of the strongest females in instead of the weak links.
10 'Faces Gone Ham' August 19, 2009
The episode opens up with the last male Tomb deliberation and we found out that SteveSparxx was going in again against the devil himself, Dartagnan. Everyone is excited about this match-up and hopes neither of them win the relic to see the results. Faceless informs everyone that it’s LCBaby’s birthday so everyone plan a party for her and decide to let go of the game for the time being, meanwhile dplayer18 walks over to Sparxx’s bed and puts a tombstone and he writes on it “He lived, he died…Who cared??”. Before the mission faceless tells his boys to let him win the relic so he can volunteer himself to the Tomb. At the “Chocolate Mudslide” mission the saints slide to their win earning another 10 grand while the sinners are chocolate covered and sad about the loss. SteveSparxx wins the relic for the Saint and throws in Binary Solo while faceless wins the relic for the Sinner and decides to save his mate Dartagnan and sacrifice himself. At the “Hammered” Tomb faceless manages to hammer the 4 pegs faster than Binary and wins his first ever elimination round. The episode ends with the remaining female players worrying about the last Tomb and hoping for the best but expecting the absolute worst.
11 'Secrets & Lies' August 19, 2009
The episode starts with the last female Tomb deliberation where tjhallow and cjslife are nominated and possibly would have their rematch from the Coliseum, everybody’s excited for this Déjà vu match since their first round in the Coliseum was intense. RMD1 decides to call out SteveSparxx for his lies and Steve is sick of everyone calling him out and picking on him so they start getting into it and RMD threatens him to throw the final. Producer88 steps in and tells everyone about a huge alliance that has been running the game between him and Dart, he later informs his team that he plans to win the most money out of everyone by throwing the final and getting some profit by his alliance. At the last mission before the final: “Gurneys & Handcuffs” RMD1 and producer88 throw the mission for the Saints giving the Sinners the last shot to win a 10 grand. Lamb Chop and molds win the relics, while Lamb refuses to volunteer herself, molds saves tjhallow and decides to sacrifice herself to the Tomb against cjslife. At the “Nail-Biter” Tomb molds13 nails the elimination round and advances to the final while cjslife is sent packing on the last Tomb.
12 'The Good, The Bad and The Money' August 26, 2009
The episode starts with Steve preparing a surprise birthday party for dplayer18. After celebrating dplayer’s birthday a clue for the final mission pops up. At the final cystic explains that there are 3 puzzles and the goal is to get 2 out of 3 puzzles right to advance to the final and 4th puzzle once a team finishes the final puzzle they well be declared as Vevmo Revenge The Tomb champions. At the first puzzle the Sinners figure it out first and advance to the 2nd Puzzle. At the 2nd Puzzle molds13 does it again and finishes it while the Saints are still working on the 2nd Puzzle. At the 4th Puzzle producer calls the ref to check his answer but the ref nods and says that it’s missing a few things. A half hour after dplayer18 shouts to the ref to come and check his answer and…..It is correct, the Sinners are the champions of VR 3 the Tomb. The Sinners scream of joy while the Saints are pissed especially Steve and producer. The finale ends with tj, molds and dplayer hugging it out while Dart’s evil laugh plays in the background.
13 'The S#&% They Did Show' August 28, 2009
The S#&% They Did Show is a special episode that recaps the most memorable moments of the season.
14 'Life After Death: The Tomb Reunion' August 30, 2009
On the reunion special the cast discuss their stay in Egypt, Dartagnan says how he feels about finally winning a Vevmo Revenge and he surprises everyone with a statement that he is engaged to a beautiful man. SteveSparxx admits his relationship with gamer73 and he explains his opinion about people targeting him on the game, producer88 regrets trying to throw the final mission and is disgusted by how this game was played and admits that he was apart of an alliance that was running the game that included himself, LC, faceless Tj, dplayer and RMD1. He also explained the reason why he changed his mind about throwing the final mission which was the way the Sinners mocked and made fun of the Saints he felt like at least they should have gave them respect. producer also decided to take a break from VR for the time being. dplayer18 gave his share of piece and explained how the alliance was formed and he said that the first target of the alliance was Dartagnan but the plans changed when molds13 and Dart joined his alliance. Steve and producer get into an argument after producer told him that he was useless in the final. tjhallow wanted to go to the Tomb because she wanted people to know that she wasn't scared to go in and she informed everyone that this VR may be her last. Dartagnan is shocked that dplayer18 tried to get rid of him so dplayer explained that that was before they became good friends. producer calls out Dart for acting like he is the best player of this game when he was eliminated on both VR 1 & 2. And ColiesMom says that she is too old for VR so she is done.